Review: Eternity (Entry Contains Tiny, Indirect Spoilers)

Laury Falter

Kindle Edition, 298 pages



From Goodreads:

Maggie thought she was safe until an old enemy arrives in New Orleans with a dire threat: A battle is on the way.

With only a few days to spare, she and Eran embark on a path that is expected to prepare them for the world’s most evil creatures. But what Maggie discovers is far more disturbing… the truth behind her identity and why their enemies will never give up.


Read: May 18-19, 2012

I need to apologize for my review for Fallen, because in hindsight the review was a little harsh, especially since I made a grave mistake. Falter purposefully left things open after Fallen and those things were addressed sufficiently and even more so in Eternity.

I am so happy with Eternity. Everything in this book was just so good.

There was plenty more action and drama. The stories and plots were plenty more developed. Though I will admit Bridgette’s role I thought was a little haphazardly done, but I can get over it. I wish there had been more resolve over the Warden and who knows there still might be I have jumped the gun before with my assumptions.

Magdalene certainly blossomed in this novel. By the end I was finally able to see the strong, confident woman she had been known as from her past lives. My issues with her initially arose from her whiny-ness and near selfishness. Yes, she agonized over losing her soul mate and her friends, but they were only doing what they had to do. She frustrated me to no end in Fallen, but halfway through Eternity I acquiesced.

All in all Eternity was one of the best middle books of a trilogy I have read thus far. There was decline in plot, in action or drama, when it ended I could not wait to get a hold of the final book. So I would declare Eternity a success!

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