Review: Reckoning

Laury Falter

Kindle Edition, 371 pages



From Goodreads:

With Maggie alone and on the run and with unknown forces conspiring against her, she is in more danger than ever before. As Eran struggles to protect her, Maggie unwittingly ignites the final battle between the Fallen Ones and Alterums, one that could separate her and Eran forever.


Read: May 19-21, 2012

Reckoning is in my opinion the best of the three. I did not feel like Falter rushed the ending, rather she let the ending come out organically. I was very pleased with how this series ended and I would recommend the entire Guardian Trilogy to anyone considering reading it.

Unlike the previous novels, Reckoning begins with action and keeps up the momentum with ease. There was only one occasion when I felt like the book had done a 180 and everything just stopped. Even then I think this pause was necessary, because afterwards it is a mad dash to the finish.

Magdalene–she is a character that changes, grows, evolves from start to finish. Even in Reckoning Maggie has room to grow and finally comes into her character’s full potential towards the end. I wish maybe she came upon this realization sooner since the change transforms into someone the reader has yet to see until that very moment, and then it’s over.

I would say everything wrapped up smoothly. All the questions and plots were answered and tied up neatly. I questioned some of the events that took place in Reckoning, but all in all I am very happy with how the series ended.


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