Review: Wanderlove

 Author: Belle Mallory

Source: Kindle Edition, 394 Pages

Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

My Rating: 


From Goodreads:

Lola Moori is hiding a secret she doesn’t know she’s keeping.

She begins to remember someone. Someone important. His name is Gabe…and whatever they shared, she could feel that it was epic.

Yet it seems Gabe wanted her to forget him. Forever.

The curse that repressed Lola’s memories for the span of several lifetimes is coming undone. But unfortunately, she discovers that some secrets are better left buried.


Read: June 22-24, 2012

Let me start be saying I did not expect to love this story as much as I did. I have had the misfortune of reading a number of stories, that while the plot might captivate me the one dimensional heroines were/are really wearing thin on me.

If there is one thing this genre needs is more strong, independent heroines. And with Wanderlove, that is just what the reader gets! YAY!

Lola is awesome. Right off the bat, I found myself cheering this character on. And Gabe *sigh* ah-mazing!

Loved the characters, loved the story.

Malory really knows how to weave a story, one that is intriguing and having the reader wish the story was not ending. Luckily for us, Wanderlove is followed by Foretell. Double YAY!

I will not so eagerly wait for anything else this author writes.


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