A Nanny’s Rant/What she is reading next, maybe

It has been a slow reading week or weeks for me. Mostly because I am distracted by other obligations and once I am finally finished for the day…I can maybe get in a chapter before I finally succumb to a much-needed sleep. It just happens to be that time of the year when children go back to school and parents and caretakers alike are running around in a constant flurry of things-to-do that just cannot wait.

So it is with great pride that I announce I finished one of three books I started last week 🙂 Which would definitely be this one———-> Image  and while the next one should really by this one———–> Image   I recently discovered the third book in this series will be here in November so I have decided to hold off until Opal arrives. Because if her Lux series is anything like her Covenant series, the second book in the Lux series is a doozy. I waited this long, I can wait three more months.

Instead, my next book will be —————->Image.

Afterwards I have three books I am picking up from the library tomorrow and will peruse them in the order that I pull them out of my bag. I will absolutely not decide to read them all at once so I can feel like I do now, which is rushed and incapable of savoring a long-awaited book/friend.

Wake me sometime next week when everything settles down again.

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