Non-Literary Rant

Well that job I was stressing out over? I was offered the job!! Which by the way felt completely awesome, until I read the fine print. The position is entirely commission-based which was worded in such a  way to mislead applicants like myself. I was so disappointed. I had all but fallen in love with the company and the team.

On the bright-side I was able to brush up on my very rusty interview skills.

Next week I already have an interview for a SALARY position for a different company. It is not necessarily the kind of position I was looking for, but I figure if I get this job I can brush up on my managing skills and apply in a few months for something better paying out of this particular industry.

My dream job would involve me working on Delta’s marketing team 🙂 One of these days. One of these days.

In other news, this week will be my last week babysitting on a regular basis for the family I have been nannying for the past four years this October. I will still see them occasionally, but I still can’t believe this day has come. I am going to miss seeing that family every day. One of the cons of being a nanny, the part where you say “good-bye.”


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