Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the The Broke and the Bookish where Julia and her co-bloggers create a top ten list for a given topic. Then they ask the blogging world to contribute their own thoughts on the topic.

This week’s topic is: Bookish Confessions.

1. My “Bookish Confession” is that sometimes I read the back of the book first. Usually I only do this in a bookstore where I can’t read people’s reviews on a book before buying. I used to do this a lot more before Amazon and Goodreads, before blogging, etc. On occasion I have been known to do it once in a while. Most recently I did it with the Hunger Games Trilogy. When I first read the Hunger Games, the movie was still in pre-production and I wasn’t even aware a movie was coming out. I read the first in the trilogy in two days and lent it to my cousins to read. Then I went to the bookstore for Catching Fire and it wasn’t on the shelves, but Mockingjay was so I read the last two chapters to see how it ends but I joust could not wait until the book was back in stock.

2. Another confession I have is that I have been known to read a book simply because I like the cover. And I have to admit I have been disappointed the most by this bookish confession. It almost never fails. The cover looks great so the book stinks. Thankfully the tides are changing and with Goodreads and Amazon I can check to see if the   story matches the awesome cover.

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