My Fall TV Line Up

So I saw Amber over at Down the Rabbit Hole do a Fall TV Line Up and I thought I would do it, too. Especially since it reading her post did two things for me 1)inspired me to do my own and 2) got me excited about some of my favorite shows finally returning!

Between my DVR and OnDemand, I will most likely never run out of things to watch. I am not even sure when I will have time to catch everything, because once you see my list you will understand just why I have my reservations. Now I must start by saying many of these shows are new this season and we all know how that goes, some many never get a second episode on air and/or I may not remain interested after the first episode. All the shows listed are premieres I plan on watching.

New Shows:

ABC – Thurs. 8/7c. – Premieres Sept 27th

In addition to the many, fantasy-themed shows I like, I also like Dramas and this one looks really promising due to their strong cast and plot. The only con I can see is that Thursday is a very competitive night for shows and many new shows rarely make the cut.

NBC – Mon. 10/9c. – Premieres Sept 17th

This is another promising newcomer that I have high hopes for. I also really like that the show is on Monday because besides Grimm I wanna say I am not watching anything else that night.

CBS – Thurs. 10/9c. – Premieres Sept 27th

I love Sherlock Holmes and I love the idea behind having Watson being portrayed as Lucy Liu. This another show that if it were given a different night I think it would do very well, but because it is on Thursday I won’t plan on getting too attached just yet.

CW – Thurs. 9/8c. – Premieres Oct. 11th

Another Thursday program, you see what I mean? Geez! I liked the movie Beastly, which as far as I know has nothing to do or in common with this show. I just brought it up because at first I thought they were related in some way and then I found out they weren’t. I still plan on watching the first episode though.

 CW – Wed. 8/7c. – Oct. 10th

Did anyone else think/hope they were planning on using the same guy who played Green Arrow from the Smallville series? And then were slightly crushed to find they were using someone different because the other guy had already signed onto Emily Owens, M.D.? I promised myself I would watch one episode and that would be that. We shall see.

Returning Shows:

CW – Thurs. 8/7c. – Returns Oct. 11th

This is one of those shows that I wanted to hate and ended up falling in love with during season 2. I even got the hubby watching it, so bonus points for me!

AMC – Sun. 9/8c. – Returns Oct. 14th

The Walking Dead I have been known to miss an episode or two and then sit down with the hubby the following week and watch whichever episode is airing. I keep thinking I will go back and watch the episodes I skipped but I seriously doubt I ever will. I like watching it when it is on, but I am not tuned in like the hubby is. I should be, though, I am friends with one of the zombies irl.

 CW – Fri. 9/8c. – Returns Oct. 3rd

I have watched Supernatural since season one and would have been more than happy if the show ended after season five like the original show runners had planned. But since it is still on and I always get the feeling it is the underdog that keeps coming back, I keep watching. This is one of those shows that really shows how important fan support is. I say this because this show is moved around so much, every season, it amazes me it keeps getting renewed.

ABC – Sun. 8/7c. – Returns Oct. 23rd

Okay let me start by saying that this series kept me anxiously waiting to see what would happen next. Being the romantic that I am, I needed to see Prince Charming and Snow White reunite. I was unprepared for how season one ended and now I cannot wait for season two to begin. The writers effectively pulled me back in every time I began to lose interest.

FOX – Tues. 8/7c. – Returns Sept 25th

This is one of two comedies I clue into every week. Each of them provide a nice break from all the drama and angst of the other programs.

FX – Wed. 10/9c. – Returns Oct. 17th

Okay I’ll admit I wasn’t too sold on the idea of an entirely new story, but when I really sat down and thought about it I realized season one did not have anything left to say. Once I realized this, I became more and more anxious for season two. I love that each episode of season one was unsettling and spooky and really by the end FX really gave the audience the whole entertaining experience.

BBC – Sat. – Returns Sept 29th (UK)

I love this show, so, so, so much. It’s cheesy but hands down one of the funniest programs I have ever watched. I would love if I knew more people watched this program, because at the moment I don’t think I know one soul who does. Such a shame, really.

 ABC – Thurs. 9/8c. – Returns Sept 27th

This is another show I have been following for a while. I tuned out the season Izzy had a brain tumor because I had already read in the circulars all about the drama revolving around Katherine Heigl. My actions were more because I knew they were going to get rid of her character and after George and Dr. Burke, I had decided I could use a break. I tuned back in the next season and have been an avid watcher ever since.

NBC – Mon. 10/9c. – Returned Aug. 13th

I like Grimm, but I don’t love it. I like the characters and the plot, this season they have really turned up the excitement and I think that is why I am more interested this go-around. Last season I spent a large portion of my time trying to figure out the secondary characters and their backstories. Thankfully, this season, that is where the producers picked up right form the start.

SYFY – Fri. 10/9c – Returns Sept. 21 dfdf

Okay, this used to be a Summer show and then they moved it this season to Fall programming. I am really hoping this move does not kill this show, because it is by far one of my favorite shows on TV. As far as I know, the move wasn’t advertised, so there is a good chance this could be the last season if the viewers who have been watching don’t find out it is still on the air.

BBC – Sat. 9/8c. -Returns Sept. 1st

Just yay! YAY!

 CBS – Mon. 9:30/8:30c. – Returns Sept. 19th

I started watching this show this summer and after catching up I am all set for the new season!


One thought on “My Fall TV Line Up

  1. This is an awesome list! I’m excited about a lot of the same shows. I’m especially looking forward to Arrow. Like you, I was really hoping they’d get the same actor who played him in Smallville, and I was pretty bummed when one of my Dish co-workers informed me that that was not the cast. Still, it looks pretty good. Unfortunately I work late, so I won’t be home to watch any of the shows I want to watch this fall. That’s the main reason I’m glad I just got a Hopper. With 2,000 hours of recording space, I won’t ever have to worry about running out of room for all my favorite shows. I really hope Arrow does well; I need another superhero show to watch!

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