Showcase Sunday

Almost missed my Showcase Sunday! It’s been one of those super busy days. Hopefully, if I get this new job, everything should fall into place and everything will slow to an acceptable pace. As it is, my lists have lists and I am going through pens as if I were back in undergrad!

Okay, enough of that back, to the wonderful and awesome Showcase Sunday hosted by Vicky at Books, Biscuits & Tea ! Each week participants of the Showcase Sunday meme have the opportunity to share with the world the books and book-related items that have come into their possession over the course of the previous week!

This was a big week for me, as far as books go, which is what y’all are here for, so let’s get started!

From the library:

Demon Glass and Spell Bound By Rachel Hawkins. I read Hex Hall and really dug the school/magic theme Hawkins has going on.

From a cute, independent bookstore named Foxtale Book Shoppe:

An autographed copy of Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout!! And Shine by Lauren Myracle!

I have Obsidian and Shadows by Armentrout on my Kindle; however, after my paperback copy of Onyx arrived a few weeks ago, I decided I needed a complete, tangible set! It was made even more awesome when I found out the copy I brought to the register was signed by Miss Armentrout herself! Foxtale just happens to be where she held the first stop of her Southeastern Tour this summer. On the day of the tour, I had been stuck in Atlanta and couldn’t get back in time 😦

I am pretty amped about Shine, as well, because the summary kind of reminded me of Beck’s South Georgia Mystery from Jana Oliver’s Foretold. I remember reading the mystery and wishing that the mystery had its own book, because it was just so awesome. Sooo needless to say, Shine captured my attention and held it. I hope it lives up to the high standards I am forcing on it 🙂

From NetGalley For Review:

Refuge by Carole Rummage, Broken by A.E. Rought, Demons by Heather Frost, Dante’s Girl by Courtney Cole, Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry & The Enchanted Truth by Kym Petrie! I’m so excited. No more buying books for me until everything is read. That’s my newest goal!

From Amazon:

I went on a buying spree and I bought the first three books in Brigid Kemmerer’s Elemental series. I’ve already read the first, titled Elemental and should have a review posted this week. It amuses me that I just noticed I put all those book covers in the opposite order of which they actually are.

That’s it and yes, that is more than plenty to keep me busy for a good long while!

But first, before you go! Be sure to come back this week as I will be participating in a blog tour for Sheryl Steines’s She Wulf!! There shall also be a host of new book reviews and my first author interview! Hope to see everyone right back here tomorrow!!


2 thoughts on “Showcase Sunday

  1. Shine has been on my wishlist for a while – I hope you’ll enjoy it! And best of luck with the job!!!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you 🙂

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