“She Wulf” Blog Tour Begins!!

Today starts the “She Wulf” Blog Tour Hosted by Novel Publicity! The tour will run from today, Monday, September 10th to Friday, September 14th. Each day of the week I will feature something relating to “She Wulf,” so check back daily, you won’t want to miss this!

 From Goodreads:

He came through the centuries to find her, the girl who could save them all. Annie Pearce runs through the streets of the city, chasing a demon, the likes she has never seen before. As she works to find out where the demon came from, the Wizard Guard encounters something even more bizarre. A tenth century Viking.

When Annie gets sucked into the past, she must struggle with the knowledge of the prophecy that tells of her destiny. The one she must fulfill if she is to return home. What happens in the past will change the world.

“She Wulf” Author Sheryl Steines—->

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2 thoughts on ““She Wulf” Blog Tour Begins!!

  1. Thanks so much for participating in my Whirlwind Tour this week. I’m so grateful to you for taking the time to help me promote She Wulf and for helping me reach my goals. Bloggers Rock!

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