An Author Interview with Belle Malory

So after I read Foretell, I was so happy I raced to my computer to write my review. I was three quarters of the way through said review before I released a review was not enough. It was at that moment that I had an idea; I would email Belle about an interview. To my delight, she said yes. It was some of the best news I received all week! I was out with my husband reading my email, and after I read Belle’s reply, I was grinning ear-to-ear and rushed on to share the wonderful news with everyone sitting around me, much to their chagrin I’m sure.

Y’all Belle is so sweet!

A HUGE thank you goes out to the author of the Wanderlove Saga, Belle Malory, for agreeing to my interview. Thank you, Belle.

Without further ado, a Belle Malory interview:

1. Where did your inspiration for the Wanderlove Saga come from?

Most of my inspiration comes from music. The song “Gypsy” by Shakira inspired the idea for Wanderlove, followed by the idea of a long lost love that was forgotten. 

2. Which character resembles you the most, Lola or Estelle, and why?

Tough question. Both characters express themselves pretty well. I’m not so good at that. I guess I’d choose Lola, since of the two she keeps more of her feelings inside.

3. I see on your website that you consider yourself a storyteller over a writer, why do you make that distinction? 

I don’t necessarily think a good writer makes a good author or novelist. A good storyteller, on the other hand, can make a great author. Stories come naturally to me. I enjoy plotting things out and figuring out who my characters are and how they came to be. If I thought what I did was about words, it wouldn’t be fun to me. But when I focus on the story itself, the process becomes this magical, otherworldly thing.

4. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?

My dream trip is to see the pyramids in Egypt. One day it will happen 🙂 

5. Last but not least, are you a gypsy?

No, lol. I wish. But I do love to travel!

Wanderlove Review: HERE

Foretell Review: HERE

You can find Belle on her websiteGoodreadsFacebook and Twitter!


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