‘Foretell’ by Belle Malory: A Review

I apologize for taking so long to get this review up and online. I was waiting until I had a little time so I could get everything together just like I had pictured it.


Read: July 23 to Sept 1, 2012

Now before I begin let me start by say the book did not take me almost six weeks to read. August was a ridiculously busy month for me, and as such, I read a chapter or two at a time, when I had the time, which was rare.

Belle Malory has done it again. Another beautifully written, delightful story that just made my insides squish with happiness. Squish, I say.

I loved Estelle and Rex’s story right from the beginning. No insta-love here. Belle’s heroines are the highlight of her books for me, because they are always so strong and independent. Sometimes these girls do not know how strong they are until they are tested, but that strength is still there. It shows in every word they say and every action they make.

When we meet Estelle, she is a young girl who has just lost her father and is yet unaware of her ability. After an incident with her sister at her father’s funeral, the plot begins to unfold and we are transported into the present. Estelle’s younger sister and her mother have learned how to navigate Estelle’s ability for their own selfish gain. It is not until the arrival of Lola, Gabe and Rex that things get really interesting and the plot thickens.

Estelle finds out about who she is and where she comes from and is tasked with running with them for her own safety. Estelle is awesome. I loved her determination and her unwavering loyalty to the people she came to know as her friends.

My love for Rex was equal to that of my love for Estelle. Rex was great, right from the start, aloof and all work and no play. He took his role as protector to just the right level. He was never too far, but not overbearing. He had enough baggage to rival the best of them, but he never let that take away from his role in the group.

Rex and Estelle were made for each other, though it is a shame they had to wait so many lifetimes to find one another.

Fans of Lola and Gabe from Wanderlove will not be disappointed as they play decent-sized roles in this story, Lola more so than Gabe, for reasons that are explained in Part II. It is in the second part of the story, where Malory gives the readers a glimpse of the main character’s past life. In Wanderlove, the flashback I found to be almost jarring, but in Foretell the flashback is just long enough to give the readers the background they need, while not taking too long to get to the climax.

Lola and Gabe will always be my favorite couple from this series; however, Estelle and Rex gave them a good run for their money. There is just something about that first romance in a series that sticks with you.

So my WHY for this book is: WHY does the series end here?

I am asking this to the readers, but I am also speculating on it, mostly to amuse myself.

Why stop with Rex and Estelle? We know there are three more Constantin children and are we really satisfied with the Ma and Pa Constantin storylines? Seeing as how I am not the author and I did not create this universe, I can only assume the story ends here because the author was satisfied with the conclusion and the oracle business.

However, I for one would love to see more from these characters. Each of them is so much fun to read about and I absolutely love the way their stories intertwine with other Roms. I love the idea of being connected through past lives and always being tethered to one another in some way. Just fascinating

**Update as of September 11, 2012, Belle Malory has announced another book in the Wanderlove Saga! *does happy dance*

——-Review Ends——-

A Synopsis from Goodreads.com:

If you could provide anyone with the path to their deepest, darkest desires, would you?

Estelle Spencer has no choice.

With just a simple touch of her hand, wishes and dreams are instantly fulfilled. Her voice speaks of its own accord, lighting the way to good fortune.

But not everyone’s fortunes are desirable.

For most of her life Estelle hides in fear, living as a recluse in her sister’s shadow. Until the day comes when her existence is remembered.

Forced into running, Estelle meets Rex, a Romanian gypsy, and the only person who can help her hide. Together they search for a way to end the curse that controls Estelle’s life.

Before she destroys the world.

 My Rating: 

Author: Belle Malory

 Source: Kindle Edition, 382 Pages

 My Interview with Belle Malory: HERE

 Wanderlove Review: HERE

You can find Belle on her website, Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter!


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