WWW Wednesdays (2)

WWW Wednesdays is a weekly meme that allows bloggers to respond to the same three questions each week. The meme is hosted by the lovely MizB over at Should Be Reading and the weekly questions will be shown just below.

The three questions are as follows:

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

Responding will commence, now…


What are you currently reading?

Storm by Brigid Kemmerer–I made a short term goal for myself to read Storm and Fearless this week to get mostly caught up with this series. I have been lagging behind in posting reviews and reading all the new, yummy books that have come in my possession lately. So far this short term goal thing really seems to work for me and I think I will continue to do this in the future. Back to Storm, I was really anticipating reading this after reading Elemental from Michael’s POV a couple of weeks ago. Based on book descriptions, I know know Storm is from Chris’ (the youngest brother’s) POV and Fearless is from Hunter’s POV. One thing I am wondering about is if they will be discussing Michael’s relationship from Elemental at all. The reviews I have read so far have not led me to believe so. I guess I will need to finish reading and find out for myself.


What did you recently finish reading?

Yesterday I finished Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins and on Monday I finished DemonGlass by the same author. The reasoning for reading these two one right after the other is not just for the obvious reason–they are in the final two in the trilogy. I also did this because they are on loan from the library and because they were part of my goal for this week. I haven’t written up the triple review, the review is part of the goal as well, yet; but I must say I was very satisfied with Hex Hall Trilogy and I cannot wait to read Hawkins’ next book.



What do you think you’ll read next?

Since I have already explained my reading and reviewing plans for the week, I’ll quickly answer this question: Fearless by Brigid Kemmerer. After Fearless, I will begin reading The Book of Paul by Richard Long for the next blog tour I am participating in. I am interested to read the Fearless novella, not only because it is part of the Elemental series, but also because I enjoy reading these Novella side stories. If the author does it right, and since I have already read one of Kemmerer’s novellas, I know Kemmerer can and has done it right, then the novella ready experience is very insightful. The Book of Paul is out of the typical genres that I read from, but I think it is important to branch out.

That’s it for me this week on W…W…W…Wednesdays. What is your WWWWednesdays input?

2 thoughts on “WWW Wednesdays (2)

    1. Ok, yes, thank you! I was thinking the same thing. It just built up and then ended, as you said, abruptly. I get that it is a novella, but I though Kemmerer could have done a little more with Elemental. It would be really great if Michael had his own novel-length book. 🙂

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