Bookshelf Cleaning Giveaway over at Bookish

So I was going back and looking over my previous day’s comments, replying and zinging back to their own blogs for a look-see and I stumbled across Evie from the Bookish while reading from Emilie’s A Beautiful Madness who had tweeted about Evie’s Bookshelf Cleaning. The Bookshelf Cleaning is so tweet-worthy because Evie makes the decision to clear out her shelves to make room for new books every so often. And her need for shelf space is our gain, if we win, that is. It’s an international giveaway and she has four boxes of books to give out. That’s four winners, just to be clear. And all you and I need to do is go to this post: Bookshelf Cleaning EPIC Giveaway and participate in the rafflecopter found in that post. Easy peasy. Now go on, git, I’ll see you back here for our normal scheduled broadcasting when you’re done  😉


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