Showcase Sunday

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted over at Books, Biscuits & Tea that allows bloggers to share what literary and literary-themed finds that have come into their possession over the course of the previous week.

Okay so this Showcase Sunday is going to be a little different for me this week. I thought I didn’t have any new books to add that I had received and then I looked over on my bookshelf and found three books I had purchased at a used bookstore that I never shared with y’all. After I leaned over to grab said books, I found a package I had pulled out of the mailbox week before last that contained a book I purchased offline. Finally, I  received approval for two NetGalley reads. So with that being said, I thought I had nothing to share and I found six to share. Isn’t that a pleasant surprise?

Alright, onto the books.

From a secondhand bookstore I found these jewels:


From a seller on Amazon:

From NetGalley for Review:




Okay, I am pretty sure that finally catches me up. I made a promise to myself to not buy anything else until I read and review my netgalley titles. So with that in mind, it’ll be a while before I get to my secondhand books, especially Divergent that has been on my wishlist for a while.

What did you guys get this week?


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