Belated Musings Update

Oh blogging world how I have missed you! I have been spending the last two weeks running around a new work environment, finally beginning to get acclimated, only to be told they hired too many people and I am no longer needed.

This is beginning to feel like a trend. Thankfully, the DH and I have worked out a course of action until I can find gainful employment yet again.

What this means for you? I am back to the blogosphere and I have no intention of going on another impromptu hiatus anytime soon.

I know I owe you a handful of reviews and I have not forgotten. I will post them as they are completed. Also the Library fairy has been diligently emailing me and of course six of the seven had to come at the same time. When the librarian saw me yesterday, she commented “feast or famine” to my frequent visits as of late.

Below is what I have on loan from the library 😀 !! Marr’s Book on CD is probably going to have to be returned for a hardcover now that I no longer have an hour-long commute.

I am catching up on errands today and then I will begin delving through my library finds.

I am so happy to be back and to have time to read again.



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