Booking Through Thursday: Blackout

Booking Through Thursday is a prompt-style meme hosted by its namesake.

This week’s question is times two to make up for not having a question last week during Hurricane Sandy. Hence the inclement weather theme for the prompted questions this week 🙂

1. How do storms affect your reading? Do you go for comfort reading?

2. How do you deal with power outages? Do you read by candlelight? Flashlights? Use a self-lit e-reader or tablet? Skip reading altogether for the duration and instead play games with the family?

My responses:

1. To be completely honest the only effect storms have on my reading, is that I read more. When the sky is overcast and it has been raining or is still raining, it is the perfect excuse to lay low for the day. When I lay low, I read.

2. I don’t think I’ve experienced a power outage in years. It’s strange because when I lived in my family’s home, just about every single storm caused the power to go out. Since living in my current apartment for the last 3.5 years and the various friend’s homes and shared apartments before then, I can’t think of a single time the power has gone off.

So to be fair, I can’t answer the question from a current perspective, unless I were to add a hypothetical spin, which I of course can and probably will do.

When I lived at my family’s home, we would play games. I can remember one time when my aunt, my mom, one of my cousins and I pulled out a Ouija board. We had a blast lighting candles and telling stories.

If the power were to go out nowadays, depending on the time of day I’d go to a local bar & grill to catch the football game if it were on. #Ravensnation #GoFalcons Otherwise, if it were daylight I’d sit by the window and read. If it were nighttime  though, I’d forego reading altogether and pull out a bottle of wine and play cards with the hubby.

That about sums it up for me this week. How would you do it?


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