Film Musings

I had some time this week to watch three films. I then decided I would share my feelings on each of the films with all of you. Enjoy.

Your Sister’s Sister

“Your Sister’s Sister” had the low-budget feel with only 5 set locations, an ambivalent ending, low-lighting and low sound. However, it was the acting by its main trio-cast (Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass, and Rosemarie DeWitt) that made the film something to like. “Your Sister’s Sister” probably won’t win any awards. What it will do is offer you a life-like film rendering of how real people react to real situations, you know, the kind where life is messy and sometimes things can’t be cleaned up and packaged away with a bow on top.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

I’d like to call this film, not-your-typical-Hollywood film, because that is exactly what it was. Keira Knightley and Steve Carell were amazing; I have never seen a movie where either of these individuals was anything less than amazing. Of course my all-time favorite Knightley pieces always involve her in period films, but I digress. The film combines the right amount of humor and the right amount of irony to make the right amount of fantastic.

Moonrise Kingdom

I love period-films. This movie was set in the 1960’s and is probably not for everyone. I enjoyed it, I know many of my friends enjoyed it, but not everyone will. That’s the thing about films like these; they aren’t blockbuster films because they don’t appeal to a wide audience. Those who do enjoy these films though will love Moonrise Kingdom.

The teens were quirky, but I guess we were all quirky at that age. I am 12 years older and I would say I am still quirky. Moonrise Kingdom was about coming together, about working through problems instead of whispering behind closed doors and it was wonderful in that capacity.

If you can push past the awkward main characters (Jared Gilman, Kara Hayward) and just accept them for awkward teenagers from the 1960’s you’ll see the gem that this movie is.

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