Stacking the Shelves + Giveaway


Stacking the Shelves by Tynga’s Reviews is a weekly meme where you get to share the books you’ve gotten each week. I have been following other people’s posts for this meme for the last couple of months and decided with my growing TBR it was time to share all the awesome I have purchased, borrowed, been given for review or as a gift lately.

Initially, I wanted to do a vlog because I haven’t done one of those yet and they look like so much fun, but as it happens I’ve been sick all week and you’ll have a hard enough time trying to understand me never mind if I’m all congested and nasally.  I’ll highlight what books I got where and how, for those interested in that sort of thing. Note: each cover will take you to the book’s Goodreads page.

Borrowed from the Library


Review for this one will be up this week. I gave it 4 out of 5 parachutes.

Borrowed from someone

  queen of the dead  gravity

My cousin Tiara @ Pretty Little Literary Lady went out and purchased Queen of the Dead after she borrowed The Goth and the Ghost from me and loved it. She also picked up Gravity, since apparently we share a thing for aliens 😉 Last I heard she plans on having a giveaway soon for a signed copy of Gravity, so if Gravity sounds like something you might be interested in, be sure to check her blog out for a chance to win.


The Fault in Our Stars

I wasn’t expecting this one. The lady I occasionally babysit for  and I talked about me borrowing it once her book club was finished with it, but when I saw her the following week she surprised me by saying I could have it.

Local Second-Hand Book Store(s)

From Bookmiser: if i stay  the ghost and the goth

& From Once & Again Used Books: the host  elixirHD  the unbecoming

I am fortunate to live nearby two excellent second-hand stores. There are a couple of others that are typically hit-or-miss near me, but the above are my two favorite and usually have a great selection. After I left Once & Again I realized I didn’t pick up the copy of Anna Dressed in Blood I saw, but I remember the copy being not-so-gently used so I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open in the future.

Thrift Store

Little Altars  City of Dark Magic  Bookends  3Cupsoftea

I was just tagging along with friends who were going “project shirts” shopping and while they were rummaging with the clothes, I rummaged through their book selection.



I finally got my hands on Lola and the Boy Next Door!!! Eeeee!!! I loved Anna and the French Kiss and I couldn’t wait for Lola to come out and then it did and I didn’t have money for the hardcover and I swear they are taking forever on releasing the paperback! So last weekend I decided to see if I could find a copy online and ta-dah! It’s not in the best condition but for the price I paid I’m happy as a clam!


cinder  Score_CVR.indd

Only Catching Jordan was on my to-buy list when I entered the store, but after reading so many great reviews since it came out and knowing it’s sequel Scarlet was out, I purchased Cinder on a whim. I’m not usually a Cyborg fan, but thanks to Everneath I have gotten into a fairy-telling kick as of late.

Barnes and Noble’s

switched  the statistical probability  envy  a little princess

What does it say about me that I never knew one of my favorite films growing up was a classic? Never mind, don’t answer that I’m ashamed, too. I was walking out the door after purchasing the other books when I looked down at the display of classics by the door to see this beautiful cover with a familiar title. The above image doesn’t do the cover justice, it shines ladies and gents!


Most of these ebooks are from Amazon’s Kindle monthly deals since possibly as far back as December.

what a boy wants what a boy needs wait for you the truth about faking the torn wing the rocker that holds me The Hero's Guide1  the coincidence the boy kings of texas the body finder The Twelfth Keeper sins & needles shatter me rule residue relatively famous  leaving paradise incarnate hopeless destroy me graveminder  ceaseless carnival of soulsaustenlandgrimm diaries 1-6the grimm diaries 7-10oddkins

I will say this, I love being able to buy ebooks at a lower price than a paperback or hardcover. But some of these titles I know I am going to love and want physical copies of for my bookshelf, which means I’m not really saving money by buying ebooks rather I’m spending more. I need to remember to check with my library first before I buy any book.

Before I go, I know I have been on an unannounced blogging hiatus the last few weeks and I’d like to assure everyone I will be back with a blogging schedule in place so that there will no longer be these long breaks between posts.

Giveaway Time (International)

If you stuck with me this long I’d like to announce a giveaway for your choice of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Opal (my review) or Jana Oliver’s Foretold (UK Release) (my review). I’ve tried doing elaborate giveaways using rafflecopter and to be honest it is a big ol pain in the side with WordPress as I’m sure some of you are aware. So I’m going to take the lead from a fellow blogger who asked everyone a question and picked based on the “best” answer. Just leave your response below in the comments section and I’ll notify you if you’ve won.  Also, in your response leave a way for me to contact you in the event that you win.

My prompt is: Tell me of one of your favorite things you do to cheer yourself up and why? Have fun with this and please don’t submit just a one sentence answer.

Here’s my example: One of my favorite things is to look through my family’s old photographs of my family in Greece, a group of people I have never met and probably never will, but whose stories I have grown up hearing. I have sat down in front of the storage container more times than I can remember and pulled out each photograph and studied the ruddy black and white faces and imagined the lives they live(d) and lose myself for just a little while in the stories I grew up hearing and when I’m done all is right with the world.

Ok, your turn! Giveaway ends Sunday, March 17th! The winner will be contacted the following Tuesday and that Thursday I will announce the winner after they’ve picked which book they want.


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