Giveaway, Feedly vs. Bloglovin, Host Review, New Blog Idea

Hey everyone! Today I have a post of updates of sorts. Sorry no GIFs or pictures for this post.

1. First and foremost Bookfever is having a 1500+ Followers giveaway, y’all should go and check it out. Simple entry process is what attracts me the most ot some of these giveaways and Bookfever’s definitely follows those guidelines.

2. With all the hoopla going on about Feedly vs. Bloglovin I decided to give them both a try. None of this really affects me or my followers since I use, but I was concerned about losing my Google Reader feeds.

Bloglovin was very simple and easy and it allowed me to import my blogs from Google Reader. Unfortunately, there’s where the pros ended for me.

I tried out Feedly today and I have to say I am very happy with this one, much more so than Bloglovin. One of my biggest things is I didn’t want to lose all my “starred” posts. Well guess what? Feedly ensures I can import the blogs I am following from Google Reader and keep all those starred posts starred, which is a huge win for me. There at least three posts that I follow religiously and “star” just as much (Stacking the Shelves, Book Girls Don’t Cry, They Vent & Keeping Up with the Blogosphere). Feedly also has an app for my phone. Now I don’t know if Bloglovin has an app or not, but that was another selling point. I am on my phone all the time reading my feeds.

In conclusion, Feedly wins my vote.

3. Oh and I believe it was Jenni at Alluring Reads that mentioned reviving her mini-me reviews and I was struck by what an excellent idea that was.

So I decided to take a page out of Jenni’s book and do something similar. I would like to talk about all the books I read with my newest charge. They will all be preschool aged books as the little girl I nanny for is just about to turn 3. It’s been a quick minute since I have worked with a child who loves to read so much. In the 3 1/2 weeks since I started being her nanny we have gone through over 30 books from two different libraries that we attend for story time. Some of those really stand out, so I’ll be mentioning those in favor of posting on every single one.

I haven’t worked out the kinks yet, but when I do, I’ll let you know.

I am actually really excited about offering this. I think it is a perfect companion to my blog! What are your thoughts?

Okay so onto the non-literary nature, but reviews nonetheless.

1. I was given a pass to a screening of the Host before it came out in theaters last Tuesday. As someone who hasn’t read the book yet I was pleasantly surprised,  but I was also embarrassed for the actors in the movie.

I am one of the few that enjoys reading the book after I see the movie. So none of the issues others who have read the book already have with the movie will apply to my review. Though I have seen both semi-positive and negative reviews so far.

The movie as a whole I thought was enjoyable and I am even more excited to read the book after having seen the film. Even I have to admit there were parts of the movie where I cringed. The storyline is obviously rushed, insta-love might work in some books, however in movies  it is really hard to pull off and the Host was no exception. One minute he is trying to kill her and the next he is friendly-smiling at her… WHAT?! No. Movie patrons aren’t stupid, the timeline was slashed and pieced back together for obvious reasons, just geez! And then there was Melanie’s voice echoing throughout the entire film. That was easily the most awkward part of the film. It worked for what they needed for the film I just wish they could have done it differently, drastically different.

Overall, I’d recommend the movie as soft sci-fi (is that a term?) and to those who don’t mind forced romances and cringe-worthy dialogue.

2. Not so much as reviews as rants about certain shows. I loved Guys with Kids and it was cancelled, boo… I could take or leave Deception, so whatever… I still haven’t watched the finale for Pretty Little Liars. I’m terrified there is going to be a crazy cliffhanger and I love that show too much to not freak out until it returns this Fall. I follow everyone associated with PLL on Twitter and for that reason alone I have ignored Twitter for the last few weeks… Sped through Shameless Season 2, halfway through Season 3, that family is just ridiculous! I wish Frank was still stuck in Mexico. … Still haven’t watched an entire episode of Downton Abbey, but it is on my list… Game of Thrones is back!!! I haven’t had the chance to watch the premier yet. I don’t have HBO at the moment and I really need to just cave and re-subscribe, after GOT comes Newsroom and TrueBlood, so y’know? I have it recorded at the family’s house where I babysit Wednesday nights, but the last two times I babysat for them the baby stayed awake until they got home 😦 I will watch Game of Thrones, I will. The only other show I am looking forward to returning this summer is Teen Wolf, I miss those characters something awful.

I have a couple of follow up questions for you today… Feedly or Bloglovin, what did you decide? Any shows you want to rant about? Have you seen the Host, what did you think?

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