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Novel Publicity Tour Stop: The Persnickety PrincessPersnickety Tour Badge

This was my first time participating in Novel Publicity’s Traditional Tours. I must admit I enjoy the considerably less stress these tours put on me.

So for my stop I am doing a review. After the review I will share the book blurb and the author’s information, so if you feel so inclined you can hop over and get yourself a copy, you’ll be glad you did.

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The Review…

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from The Persnickety Princess by Falcon Storm. Possibly a fairytale-esque story about a princess, who despite liking things “just so” would find out sometimes the best things that happen are those that are unexpected. Well, I was in luck because that was just exactly what I got!

However, that wasn’t all the readers get in The Persnickety Princess. No, it was more than a tale about the unexpected, it was also about friendship and the rule that under absolutely no circumstances whatsoever should you trust a Bard.

For a quick, middle-grade read The Persnickety Princess is filled to the brim with humor and very likable characters…

First there was Princess Lavender who’s only wish is to be rescued by a handsome “five foot eight and three-quarters inches tall” prince and to live happily ever after. To say she was “persnickety” is to put it lightly. Lavender has some good old medieval OCD, not to mention extremely self-absorbed. I didn’t like her, but I didn’t mind reading about her and laughing at the extremes she goes to.

Then there’s Princess Petunia, Lavender’s younger yet more than capable sister, who desires for her older sister to be more adventurous. We don’t interact much with Petunia, which I thought was a shame.

Prince Hugo, the self-assured Prince, who’s only mission in life is to save the princess. He brings the most humor to this book after Lavender IMO.

Squire David, the trusty sidekick. Another character we don’t get enough insight to, but he seemed amicable enough.

Wicked Witch Natalie. Loved her. I am so excited she gets her own book next. I need to know more about this not-so-wicked witch. Natalie is the best.

Upon the Bard is the one telling the story ultimately and I particularly enjoyed his voice, very lyrical and exactly what you would expect from a Bard.

Reggie & Sir the guards the poor saps to come across Upon, but at least they received a delightful tale for their troubles.

As for the story, I would say the only odd bits are the narrator changes, we hear from Natalie, Hugo, Lavender and Upon. What makes this odd is we only hear Natalie and Hugo’s POV once when we first meet these characters, then the rest of the book is told from Lavender or Upon’s POV.

Now some of the change in narration works, because by the end of the Persnickety Princess the only characters I wished we’d seen more of was Natalie and maybe Upon.

From beginning to end The Persnickety Princess is a delightful read sure to win you over. Recommended for fans of fairy-tales with a twist; you won’t be disappointed!

Favorite Quote: “I should’ve brought along some scissors or something else sharp and pointy. Then when the prince saw me running with… no, that’s just crazy. I hate running.”

About the Book…

High up in the tallest tower of the purplest castle in the Kingdom by the Sea, Princess Lavender awaits rescue. Desperate as she may bePersnickety Princess cover, only the most dashing, well dressed, properly mannered prince will do. Oh, and he must stand exactly four and three-quarters inches taller than her. A princess has got to have standards, after all.

When, finally, one such prince comes to her castle—not to rescue her, but her younger sister—Lavender refuses to be ignored. Instead of waiting for the next suitor to come along, she devises a plan to put herself in danger, thus forcing the upstart prince to forget her sister and rescue her instead.

Well accustomed to getting her way, there is only one thing, unfortunately, that this princess can’t control—her luck. When her plans go awry, putting her in very real danger, will she allow the prince to rescue her as he sees fit? Will he even want to try?

And will anyone be able to find a way to rescue Lavender from her persnickety ways once and for all? Find out in this comedic tale of princes, dragons, and dreams that just may come true.

About the Author…

Falcon StormI was born in the frozen wasteland of Alaska with the unfortunate stigma of being both a daydreamer and left-handed. Starting from an early age, I’ve filled my life with stories of every sort from my father’s hunting trips to the Holy Trilogy (read: Star Wars). In the fourth grade, I became more interested in telling stories of my own than listening to those of others.  Doctors—being doctors—attempted to medicate them out of me, but the best cure has always been a pen, a notebook, and my crazy, unrestrained imagination.

I continue to whittle away at these stories in my endless search for the one that will finally bring me back to reality. All the while, I secretly hope such a story will never come along. I hear “reality” is far too boring.

Connect with Falcon on his website, FacebookGoodReads, or Twitter.


4 thoughts on “Blog Tour Stop: The Persnickety Princess

  1. Great review! You’ll be glad to hear that Petunia’s book is coming up after Natalie’s, and Upon tells every story, so we’ll get much more of him, too. Thank you for joining us on this tour and for taking a moment to cross-post to Amazon and GoodReads when you have the time!


  2. Great review and I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I’m glad you wanted to hear more from Natalie and Upon since those two will be back in Natalie the Not-So-Nasty. 🙂

    1. That’s great news! I will certainly be on the look out for those!

      Thank you for stopping by. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Persnickety Princess and being a part of the tour.

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