Stacking the Shelves


Stacking the Shelves by Tynga’s Reviews is a weekly meme where you get to share the books you’ve gotten each week. As usual book cover images and hyperlinks with take you to their respective Goodreads’ page.

This week was a little less of purchasing new books and more of unearthing some of my beloved books when I was re-organizing my storage room. All of these with the exception of those by Sergei Lukyanenko I have read prior.

First off is this middle grade story, The Dreamkeepers by Christine Brodien-Jones, that I read when I was probably 10 or thereabouts. I had been thinking about this one for the last year or so and couldn’t for the life of me remember who the author was anddreamkeepers I had just about given up. I figured I’d never know who wrote the book and would never again get to re-read it and see if it was as good I remember from when I was a kid. As luck would have it, I had grabbed it when I moved from my childhood home many years ago. I am going to re-read this one next week I think.  * I just read on Goodreads the author has a new book due out this summer 🙂

roswell high 1Next up is my Roswell High books by Melinda Metz. I found them alongside the rest of these books and I was so excited I hugged them as soon as I dug them out of the box! They’re sitting on my desk and I fully intend to re-read all 10 very, very soon.

I also found Day Watch and Twilight Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko. I haven’t read the books in this saga, only watched the films. I need to buy the first and fourth books so  I can have the complete set.  These are theday watch kind of books you need to be in a certain mood to read I think. The movies you really had to pay attention to and not just because of the subtitles, so the books I’d assume are in the same vein.

supernatural1Last but not least, Supernatural: Nevermore by Keith R. A. DeCandido, this lovely was in another box with some essays from High School that I kept. I never read it, but I had full intentions to do so. No time like the present, eh? Look at young Sammy looks on the cover! I like his hair this length way better than how long it is now. And Dean? *swoon*

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