Something to Muse Over: Review Evolution

Something to Muse Over

I haven’t done one of these in months, but I have decided to make this a weekly feature on my blog. Every Monday I will muse over something blogging/book-related and try not to ramble too terribly much. Working on a banner for the feature,, but until then I’ll go without.

This week I am musing on how I write reviews and wondering how the rest of you write yours…

When I first started blogging I sat down right away so I wouldn’t forget anything. I commented on anything that struck my fancy, I didn’t have a rating system yet and I didn’t necessarily have a format.

Three months into blogging and I implemented a rating system, but I still found myself giving everyone 5 parachute reviews. I also was answering a “WHY” question at the end of every review. i used to this to some success to bring people from Goodreads over to my blog, by only hosting the WHY answer on my blog.

*Love this

Seven months into reviewing and I had developed a trend in my reviewing, I started waiting a day or two after I read the book to write the review. This helped me to gather my ideas and write reviews more coherently. The books I read had to work for those five parachutes. I became really interested in the characters and their social dynamics.  I confidently pointed out what didn’t work for me in the story, if anything.

It has been almost a year and I think I have settled into a routine I am comfortable with, for now. I have a format I like, I use a template I constructed and simply fill the information in to the specifications. I still focus on the characters and the overall story. I use my rating system with confidence and I do not stress if things aren’t all positives and five stars. I don’t always write reviews in a couple of days, sometimes I write the review right away, sometimes I don’t write a review at all if I think the book has been reviewed plenty already or if I don’t think I have anything new to add.

There are still things I’d like to tweak but for right now, I’m happy with what I’ve put together and how far I’ve become.

If you write reviews whether on your own blog or on Goodreads or Amazon, what do YOU do and how has it changed since when you first started reviewing? Do you have any recommendations for me?



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