New Trial Saturday Feature: Children/Middle Grade Spotlight and/or Mini-Review

Children Middle Grade Spotlight & Mini-Review

Saturdays on A Nanny’s Literary Musings will now feature, for a trial period only, a spotlight and/or mini reviews for Children and Middle Grade works on a bi-weekly basis.

As a nanny of a three year old child who loves to read; her favorite game is to play school. Her version of school consists of me reading every book from the library we received that week. Afterwards she takes her turn as teacher and “reads” the stories to me. I think it would be fun to spotlight the best of the best from that week.The middle grade portion of this feature is my attempt to include variety by alternating between children and middle grade each week.

Middle Grade books have recently become a favorite of mine and I do intend to read more of those in the future, so it makes sense to me to include them in this new feature. I have reviewed some of these on my blog already and they are a welcome change in pace from the angsty teen reads I usually read and review. Also, I am thinking there should be certain day of the week dedicated to these reads so as not to deter from the blog’s larger theme (YA & NA).

I am aware that this blog consists predominantly of YA/NA literature and that is what my subscribers want to see, so this is a trial run. I certainly hope it will become a successful new permanent addition to this blog, but that is not my intent at this time. If my readers don’t seem to like this new feature, it will be discontinued and I will notify everyone of the change.

Okay so this week I will be doing a Spotlight on the children’s works of Jan Thomas that I have read with the little one…

**As always the images will take you to the respective Goodreads Page**

Cowboy Lullaby

This is my favorite of the three. The child liked this one best, as well, having me read it no less than three times a day every day until we went back to the library.

It’s a very cute story about a silly, scaredy cowboy singing a lullaby to his cow friends. I highly recommend this one for young children.

Everybody Fun

This is my second favorite and is just as cute as the first one. I think the child was too young to get the humor in this one because usually I was the only one laughing at the cows’ antics.

This story is about three silly cows and their not-so-silly chicken friend and takes place on his couch.  Yes, the chicken’s couch. Like I said, silly.


I am including this one in the spotlight, but I didn’t care for this one much. In fact, after reading it with the child at the library, I neglected to bring it home for a re-read. It didn’t hold the same silly humor as the first two. Not sure, if this plays a factor, but it is three years older than the second one and four years older than the first one.


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