Something to Muse Over: Big Fish, Little Fish *Revised and Complete*


*I apologize profusely for the mistake I made last Monday. This week’s musing will be a revised and completed posting of what should have been posted last Monday. I messed up while using WordPress on my phone and on accident posted an incomplete post. Because this was a topic I was really excited to discuss I decided to finish this post and schedule it for a week later so as not to spam people’s email. I will highlight the part that is new for convenience.*

This week I’m musing over my recent realization of why I’ll never be a “big fish” in the blogging community and why that’s okay.

Your blog’s place in the blogging world is entirely reflected upon the amount of work, the amount of time you dedicate to your blog. It is as simple and complex as that.

When I started blogging, I did it because I wanted to talk about the books I was reading. I had just discovered Goodreads and had fallen in love with the phenomenal resource and shortly thereafter I stumbled upon the book blogging community.

I realized not long after these discoveries that I wanted to be a part of this community; I wanted to participate and socialize with like-minded people. So I did.

Before blogging I didn’t really have people I knew who read the same books as I did. (The majority of my friends are high fantasy fans and that is one genre I never connected with.)

After I blogged for a little while I started to notice just how much work goes into keeping up a blog. It’s one thing to decide to blog, it is quite another to become active in the community and maintain a relationship with peer bloggers, publishers and the like.

While I enjoy blogging, having a blog will always come second to everything else. If I can’t post for a couple of weeks because work has me bogged down, or I’m travelling with the hubs or my BFF, or I have plans every day and no time to sit down and work on the blog, well that’s okay. I understand that the amount of work I put into this blog directly reflects my success/popularity/whatever.

I don’t want to stress myself out over something that is supposed to be a fun hobby. That’s the point of hobbies is it not? To provide a break from the daily grind.

So while I’ll never host a tour every week, or be approved for the hottest titles, or have thousands of followers that’s okay.  I don’t mind leaving the high-stress blogging to the big fish. I like being a small fish in a big pond. 

Do you consider yourself a big or little fish? Do you ever wish you could be more or less? Let me know in the comments your stance on this musing.

**A Nanny’s Literary Musings turns 1 today! A little later I will post my blogoversary giveaway and all of the details on how to win, so keep on the lookout! **


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