Something to Muse Over: What I..When I..Read



This week’s musing has to do with reading to fit your mood or the occasion.

On Saturday I was in a kind of slump. The kind of slump that makes me want to close off contact with the world and hole up somewhere all on my lonesome. I was checking Feedly and one of the blogs I follow had done a review for “If He Had Been With Me” by Laura Nowlin. The cover matched my somber mood and from the blurb I knew it would fit my emotional state at that present time. So I got in my car and went to my local bookstore and purchased a copy.

I read off and on for two days before my disposition changed. Now that I am out of my funk I still have a way to go, but I can’t find the motivation to pick it back up just yet.

When I think back over my reading trends, I have noticed I tend to pick a book to match a mood or the occasion.  For example I was travelling to South America last summer and I read the Perfect Chemistry books by Simone Elkeles. It wasn’t exactly the same, but the effect was and I had fun reading them. I think I enjoyed them more because I was surrounded by Spanish speaking people and the author had sprinkled Spanish throughout the books. During the summer I prefer to read quick, light, drama kept to a minimum types of books. For Christmastime I like reading festive books.

Have you noticed you read a certain type of book at certain times of the year or for certain reasons? If so, care to share an example that comes to mind? If not, how do you pick your books to read and when?



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