Middle Grade Mini-Review: Bramble

Children Middle Grade Spotlight & Mini-Review

*This is an early review.* 

BrambleTitle: Bramble

Author: Lee Nordling & Illustrator: Bruce Zick

Source: from Lerner Publishing Group via NetGalley

Edition: eGalley,  44 Pages

Genre: Fantasy, Children’s

Publisher: Carolrhoda Books

Published Date: September 1st 2013

Rating: N/A for mini-review


From Goodreads:

Cameron desperately wants to play tag with the older boys, who laugh at him for not being able to touch any of them, but when he tumbles into a bramble Cameron finds himself in another world where his talents are appreciated.


This was one of the quickest reads I’ve read to date and is entirely because Bramble is only 44 pages on Adobe Digital Additions view and consists predominantly of images.

Bramble is told by way of a comic-strip style. This style is very effective for the intended audience and I think older primary-aged children and middle grade readers will enjoy this story.

As I mentioned earlier, there is little to no dialogue and is more of a series of images as a boy finds himself in another world on the other side of the bramble of bushes where he and his peers are “playing”.

Bramble’s packs an unexpected punch with its  themes on identity and being true to yourself.

I thoroughly enjoyed the illustrations and believe they are one of Bramble’s strongest traits.

I’d recommend Bramble to young and middle-grade readers alike, though children under 7 may not understand the themes like older children and pre-teens would.


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