Something to Muse Over: Out-Of-Print Woes


I am in the process of spending a small fortune on four out-of print books. With all the money I’m willing to put down for these books, it got me to thinking about eBooks and how come out-of-print books aren’t available in this digital format. So this week I am musing about the opportunities publishers have to make money off of books we can no longer find in bookstores.

It seems to me creating digital editions for these books is the solution here and I am confused as to why it hasn’t been done yet. I do think ultimately we will see this in the future, but that it is not an immediate priority. Much like Netflix took their sweet time building up their selection of older programs.

When I googled this subject, an article came up about someone who put together a petition to get a book that was out-of-print into an eBook format so that he and others could purchase it. The hoops this man had to jump through for just one book seems excessive and a waste. Especially when these out-of-print books are a potential profit publishers are missing out on by not providing them as eBooks.

I’m buying them used from sellers across the globe. I’m not buying them from the publishers who recently put them into circulation. If the original publishers decided to re-release them or sell them as digital books they would be making the profit, not the sellers I’m purchasing the books from.

Seems like basic math to me, but what do I know? Maybe I’m not seeing what they’re seeing? Could be any number of things I suppose.

I guess I just don’t see the point of out-of-print books not being readily available with all this new technology we have. I don’t see a point of ever having books going out-of-print from here on out.

What are your feelings on this matter? Do you think out-of-print books should be made available via digital formatting?

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