Something to Muse Over: Review Inquisition aka “bits”


This week I musing over other people’s reviews. I thought it would interesting to note what I look for in a review before I decide whether or not to add the book in question to my TBR pile.

In the last few months I have noticed an acceleration in similar posts, a topic I will discuss in detail at a further date. However, this morning I’d like to address that of reviews, specifically, and what I look for before closing the window.

  • First, I glance at the rating. Most bloggers have a rating of some sort and if it’s from a blogger I feel has similar reading tastes, the rating is imperative.
  • Second, I read the very last paragraph of the review itself. This is where the summary should be. Though that is not always the case. The summary should have a way of giving me the condensed version of what the entire review is about and whether or not I should commit any more time.
  • Third, any extra information like favorite quotes, the blurb, etc..
  • Finally, if all of this piques my interest I’ll read the entire review. Occasionally in a thorough review there might be slight spoilers or even reactions to books that infer negatively their overall feeling. If the book is a sequel, that is the last thing I want to see. I was inadvertently turned away from ever reading Requiem by countless readers expressing their irritation towards the final book. So it is because of this I rarely read a full review. Thank you to those reviewers who appropriately label spoilers šŸ™‚

Sometimes reading reviews can be a science. Okay most of the time, reading reviews can be a science. I need to dissect enough bits before I find something that holds my attention. I hover around 4 to 5 “bits”.

What am I looking for when I read reviews you ask? Intriguing plot, multi-faceted secondary characters, no vampires, some romance, no insta-love, pacing, structure, cohesion, one of the many genres I am interested in reading. I feel like there is more of these “bits” and my brain has just run out of suggestions.

If a review can affirmatively address four to five of these “bits” I’ll add the book to my TBR; if I think I’ll read it in the next three months, I’ll purchase the book then and there or add it to my list for my next brick-and-mortar run.

Alright so there you have it, this what I am looking for in a review. How about you? Do you have a method to reading reviews? What do you need to see before you decide the book is for you?

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