Nanny Reads Children’s: Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa & Fancy Nancy

Children Middle Grade Spotlight & Mini-Review

This week I am going to feature two children’s series by authors who not only got it right but who created worlds that make a long-lasting impression on the young minds reading them (or being read to them).


   I have to admit it is not just the three-year old who loves Cocoa. This horse and young girl duo make for the perfect team, as well as a perfect addition to your young child’s library.

The watercolor is very thoughtful and energetic, a perfect combination for small minds.

This is a series you will enjoy as much as your child, reading them over and over.

fancy nancy

I had read one of these before with older girls who weren’t as interested as this three-year old is. These are a favorite for me and her! I have even been known to read ahead when she didn’t pick the newest Fancy Nancy to be read for nap time.

There is so much to love about these books: the artwork, Nancy and friends, the French words, the “fancy” words used throughout and the “fancy words” list used in that book at the back.

I cannot recommend these enough to moms and nannies looking for something new to read!

Have you read either of these series? If not, will you? What other books have you read to your young child that you might recommend? I am always looking for suggestions.


3 thoughts on “Nanny Reads Children’s: Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa & Fancy Nancy

    1. Whoa, my apologies for the delayed response to your comment. The last couple of weeks have really gotten away from me.

      I don’t the “little” and I have read Percy the Park Keeper yet, would you recommend it to a three-year-old girly girl?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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