2014 Reading Challenges

I know, I know, I just shared a post where I said I was only going to participate in the Goodreads challenge… I started thinking about what I could do differently, so that I could still participate because reading challenges are fun and life is too short not to at least try. And that’s when I re-vamped the template I created for reviews, made the decision to sign up for challenges that complimented each other…

The images will take you to the page to sign up with the exception of the Goodreads button which will take you to my GR challenge page! Each of the challenges will have buttons on the side bar like last year and their own page under the Challenges tab.

Okay here goes:

Goodreads Challenge


I want to read 50 this year. Last year I said 50 and fell short, so I’m doing it again.

2014 TBR Reading Challenge


I’m going for the third tier (21-30/First Kiss) because I have A TON of books that I didn’t get to yet. On the tab above for this challenge I am going to list the books I plan on getting to.

2014  Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge


I’m going for the third tier (25/Silver) on this one too. Though ultimately I’d like to get to more than that this year.

2014 Review Pile Reading Challenge


My goal is the first level Apprentice/1-10 Books. There might be some overlap with the previous challenge, but not all will be the same as I do review books for tours and from authors and such.

Lucky No.14 Reading Challenge


This is a 14 book challenge based on 14 different categories. So my goal is all 14 🙂

I feel really good about these challenges this year. Many of the series have ended already or are about to end, so really I need something to read because other than sequels there are not a whole lot of new books I am planning to read. We’ll call this the year of catch up. I don’t know if I’ll ever link up at the end of the month or anything, because I totally stink at that kind of thing but who knows.

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