Stacking the Shelves + Week in Review


Stacking the Shelves by Tynga’s Reviews is a weekly meme where you get to share the books you’ve gotten each week. As usual book covers/hyperlinks will take you to their respective Goodreads’ page.

My book buying ban went into effect last week so far so good. I received one book in the mail that I had ordered before the self-imposed restrictions. I also picked up three books that were waiting for me at the library. I am super excited about all of the titles!

Purchased Online


  • Cruel Beauty – I couldn’t believe I found this used online only a week after it’s release date. Even after shipping, I still saved $5. Yay me. I’ve been itching to read this since it’s debut on the blogosphere. If I’m correct all the hype is much-deserved for this title. I can’t wait to find out. I love re-tellings so much.

Library Loan

the program  the testing  divergent

  • The Program – So the story with this one is I wanted to read it when it first came out and then I kinda forgot because I was in a horrible blogging slump for the majority of last year. This past week I was looking up titles and saw this one and was reminded how much I wanted to read it. Now I can, yay!
  • The Testing – This dystopian sounds really good and since I still have not gotten burned out with this genre I can’t wait to dive in.
  • Divergent (audio) – I have this title in print, but okay I have a confession to make–I’m a slow reader, like a book a week if I’m lucky. Most of the “books” I read last year were audio books, because I have a lengthy commute and it’s a great distraction while sitting in traffic for me.  So I’m glad I found this and can finally get this series started. I swear I’ve gotta be the last person to have read this!

Week in Review

Monday… I mused over buying multiples because I can’t wait…

Tuesday… Top Ten Books That Made Me Cry and a Teaser from Etiquette & Espionage

Wednesday… I reviewed Life As We Knew It


Friday… I posted my Reading Challenge Updates for January


Sunday… Stacking the Shelves and Week in Review


2 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves + Week in Review

  1. Looks like you got some great reads! I’m also looking forward to getting Cruel Beauty, it sounds amazing. DiVergent also looks really good, and you aren’t alone I also haven’t read it yet. 🙂 Love the idea of using audiobooks, I’ll have to try that! Happy reading!

    – Jenn @ Tale of Two Doxies
    My STS

    1. As long as we get to it before we see the movie we’re in the clear I would say 🙂

      I really want to get to Cruel Beauty this month but I’ll probably have to wait until March 😦 I’ve got way too many other books I have to read first.

      Thanks for stopping by, I’ll go check your StS out in just a moment 🙂

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