Musing Over the Laurie H. Anderson Author Event



Okay so I thought for this week I’d muse over the author event I attended a few weeks ago. This is probably the third one I’ve attended and the first one I’ve been to at Little Shop of Stories in Decatur.

I was so excited to find out one of my favorite authors was coming to town, I completely forgot to look up any details like where the event was taking place for example. Or that, in order to have a book signed, I needed to purchase one. It all worked out and I surely am not opposed to supporting authors in any way I can.

One really great thing is that we actually got parked with more than enough time to get lost, buy the books and sit down with still 5 minutes to spare.

The author event was for Laurie Halse Anderson which once I found out she was going to be in town I knew I’d be there no matter what. Anderson’s book Speak is a most beloved book that really helped me through some tough times back in high school. So yeah I was just a happy clam sitting in that room listening to her stories. Normally, I take notes and pictures, but I completely failed in that department. So sorry, please forgive me.

Meeting Laurie and having her sign my copy of Speak in addition to the title I purchased at the event was such a fantastic experience. An experience that I will cherish for a very long time.

This event was such a big deal to me and really the experience reminded me how awesome the blogging community is. Because if it weren’t for me getting into book blogging I would never have gone to all these different bookstores and signed up for their newsletters and I would never know about awesome author events like this one.

I am so happy to be a part of this community.  So very happy.


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