Something to Muse Over: Saying Goodbye When a Series Ends



I wanted to have a topic to muse over today with you and I kept getting stumped. Finally, I had my eureka moment.

This week’s Something to Muse Over: Saying good-bye when a book or series ends

oppositionLast night I was sitting on my couch, picking up Opposition by JLA for the fifth time in the past two days and I found myself looking down at the cover, sighing, and then putting it back on the table.

**This is not a reaction after reading the book. I still haven’t brought myself to start.**

I want to start.

I need to know how it ends.

Even so, I’d like to wait just a bit longer to say good-bye to these characters and this series.

Obsidian was the first book I picked up after I finished the Demon Trapper series… (The same series that got me back into reading for fun after graduating uni.)… After I read Opposition, it will all be over. Unlike JLA’s Covenant series, there isn’t a planned spin-off that we know of. Though the author does like her surprises so who knows.

I guess I just find the whole ordeal pretty surreal, especially when I consider how attached we readers can become to these characters and their stories. And how hard it is to say good-bye when the time comes.

I think, or maybe it’s just me, why reading the final book in a series can be so hard, in part, due not just to the characters and the stories, or to what was going on in our lives when we first picked them up, but also because of the wait. The time spent between when each book comes out can be long. In Opposition’s case the wait wasn’t bad at all, still though when the wait is over and the book is finally here it can seem like a waste to just rush through. I don’t know, I could be alone in thinking like that.

When I do finally start this one, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. I have a follow-up book on standby. Something light and funny and so hopefully I can avoid the book hangover that is bound to happen.

Or maybe I’ll wait until Bout of Books is over…Course then I run the risk of being spoiled…Maybe I will read it this week…

Have you ever mourned the end of a book/series? I invite you to share your experiences below in the comments. Let’s recover together.

(That last part was written a little tongue-in-cheek but I would really like you to share if you want. I really am interested to hear what book/series you didn’t want to end.)

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