Bout of Books 11: Challenges


Heya! As I previously mentioned in the Goals & Updates post, this post will be where I put my Challenge entries and nothing else. The links will take you to the challenge  if you decide you want to participate as well.

I solemnly swear not to spam, ever!

Remember if you’re participating in the Bout of Books feel free to leave a link to your blog so we can motivate/encourage/cheer each other on!

Happy Reading!



BoB Scavenger Hunt: #1 before i fall  #2bitten

#320140818_111643~2 # 4 walt whitman #5 20140818_112309~2


BoB One True Pairing: I have a ton of OTPs, but probably my most semi-recent would be Gale and Katniss. I know, I know, it’s not a very popular pairing, but I’ll never believe Peeta is the right choice. Gale was her friend for years, they are super close. Peeta is the boy that snuck bread out to her once and who decided to tell all of Panem about his crush on her. That doesn’t mean they’ll be compatible, nor does them faking to be a couple for the games.  Like I said, I know it’s not a popular opinion but yeah.

BoB Book Spine Poetry:


It’s Burn for Burn,

Fire with Fire,

When Everything Leads to You;

Something Strange and Deadly

The Nightmare Affair

As We Tumble & Fall.

(My Free Words: It’s, When, As, We)


BoB Create a Sentence:

My sentence: There soon I, the screw, are as once someone’s attention.

Books used–Wanderlove by K. Hubbard, Cinder by M.Meyer, Catching Jordan by M. Kenneally, Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by J. Smith, Arclight by J. McQueen






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