Something to Muse Over: Different Reading Habits by Myself or With an Audience


This week I want to muse over: how I read and how it changes depending on if I’m reading alone or to an audience.

When I read to an audience, particularly children, which I do quite often in my line of work. I tend to change-up the voices of the characters, for example. I have also been known to provide a running commentary complete with right and wrong type questions. It may sound silly but I ask questions to ensure the kids get the book’s message. The voices are for me as much for them 😉

When I read by myself, however, I read carefully and precisely. I don’t always picture the characters the way the author describes then, but I will screw my face up in whatever facial expression the character is doing. Say the character is looking at their friend with wide eyes or with their lips pursed? It’s something I’ve always done and I find no shame in it. What can I say, except I’m quirky 🙂

Of course no matter if I have an audience or not there are some things that never change. I need quiet. The only time this isn’t important is if the book is fast-paced, then I can usually block out everything else. I also need to change my reading location. If I’ve been reading in the recliner for over an hour I’ll usually move to the bed or out to the patio.

I can’t eat while I’m reading, or drink for that matter. When I’m ready to eat, I take a break from reading and then pick the book back up when I’m done.

Do you do anything that you consider quirky while reading? Any habits you live by? Share in the comments below and let’s have a chat!


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