Something to Muse Over: Read-A-Thons



This week’s discussion is: read-a-thons. To read-a-thon or not to read-a-thon, that is the question is it not?

Well, I’ll tell you I love a good read-a-thon. I don’t know if I’ve ever met any of my goals, but I sure have a lot of fun in the meantime. One of my favorite things to do during a read-a-thon is check out other people’s blogs. I’ve met some really awesome, interesting folks that way and it is definitely something I look forward to most.

This past week I participated in Bout of Books. I had plans of grandeur to say the least. I was going to read 7 books, I was going to participate in challenges and I was going to visit blogs. Well the last two goals I met, but the 7 books? Yeah, not so much. You know what though? That’s okay, because I still had a ton of fun!

I would say read-a-thons are about books, of course, though it’s more than that. They’re about community and about having a good time with like-minded people.

With Bout of Books over I don’t have any plans for another read-a-thon until December. I wonder what I’ll do with myself until then…

What are some of your favorite things to do during a read-a-thon? Is there anything you don’t like about them? And if you’re never participated, what’s holding you back? Please feel free to share in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Something to Muse Over: Read-A-Thons

  1. I’ve just done Bout of Books for the first time and loved every minute. I’d definitely do it again. I think I probably read less during the last week that normal but that was because I spent so much time checking out other blogs and finding yet more brilliant books I’ll want to read. You’re right, it’s also about community and talking about books as much as reading.
    Which read-a-thon are you doing in December?

    1. Congrats on completing Bout of Books for the first time! Dec. 2013 was my first. And clearly I can’t get enough because I keep coming back 😀

      The distractions of everything else was totally me the first half of the week before my schedule spun out of control. Having so many people doing the same thing at the same time and wanting to talk with them and do challenges and check out other blogs can be so distracting! The best kind of distractions IMO.

      Whoopsie I made a mistake, just checked to confirm, the next Bout of Books is January. But I’m sure I’ll find a read-a thon or two to sign up for before then. It seems like I see them popping up after Halloween when people start going on breaks and such.

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