The Nanny Reviews The Divergent Trilogy

I played with the idea of doing separate reviews but since I marathon-ed these books when the first movie came out back in March I decided that an overall review would be more appropriate. Plus, you know, everyone has said everything there is say about these books.

This will be a different kind of review arrangement for me, so please mind the spewing chaos. I grouped the major things I wanted to discuss and left room to talk about things individually and as a whole. I did the same thing with the ratings

divergent insurgent allegiant

Tris- For a YA heroine, I actually didn’t mind her. I liked seeing her grow and develop in the three novels, she just seemed to get stronger and stronger and I really liked that.

Four- I liked him in Divergent and I liked him at the end of Allegiant, but the rest of the time I was trying to figure out where the dude from the first novel went. His character changed so much from Divergent he became unrecognizable. When I say change, I don’t mean in a good way. How he was portrayed for the majority of Allegiant for example made me want to smack him.

Christina- I love this girl. She was an excellent secondary character. Forget Four I want a novella in her POV!

Peter-Okay so in Divergent I would have gladly seen this character bite the dust. But he grew on me and while he was deeply flawed, I could see there was a part of him that didn’t want to be like that which redeemed him a bit.

Tertiary Characters (ie. Caleb, Marcus, Evelyn, Zeke, Mariah, Shauna, Uriah, etc) – I really enjoyed meeting these characters, getting to know them and spending time with them in these books. Yes, okay, Caleb is more of a secondary character but ugh I would rather not waste time talking about him. Caleb is second to Four as far as characters where I have no idea what happened to him and I just can’t be made to care.

Individual Book Thoughts
Divergent-My favorite book in the trilogy by far! I loved the world building, meeting the characters, events that took place. Just a big ol’ heart around this one. I thought the pacing was really good here, as well. Note: I read this one last!
Individual Rating–5 out of 5

Insurgent-This book I was excited to read. I actually read this first because I had just watched the movie and I wanted to know what happened next! I liked learning about the other factions, going to their sectors and really delving into them. That was probably my favorite part of this book TBH. I thought the pacing was a mixed bag, there were some great areas and others that could have moved along or been taken out entirely.
Individual Rating–4 out of 5

Allegiant- I’ll keep this short. I did not like the genetic explanations, nor the pacing. I didn’t like revisiting the distrust issues among the characters that we already dealt with in Insurgent. I read this book just to finish this series and know how it all ended. My favorite part was probably the epilogue and how it all came back to something that was fundamentally Dauntless, where the story started.
Individual Rating–3 out of 5

Summary of Thoughts
This was one heck of a series. I didn’t hate it. I had some issues with a couple of characters, yes. There were some explanations I thought took away from the series, obviously. All and all, it wasn’t bad. There was a lot of things I really liked, most of the characters for example. Also, the world building was so fun!

I’d most likely read more from this author. I would recommend the first book only. I’d tell whoever wanted to read the trilogy to read the first one and not to bother with the next two. Harsh? Maybe, but other than Allegiant’s epilogue I didn’t particularly enjoy anything in the sequels.
Series Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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6 thoughts on “The Nanny Reviews The Divergent Trilogy

  1. The last part of your summary of thoughts makes me feel convinced I made the right decision in just reading Divergent. I really enjoyed that book at the time, and can’t quite recall why I didn’t carry on, but then someone posted a MASSIVE spoiler about the final book and that put me off reading any more. I’ll probably watch the films if they make them though 🙂

    1. Ugh I hate when people spoil like that. I’m sorry you were spoiled.

      The films were all already purchased, they’re going to be up on the big screen in no time. I will probably go see the other movies. I’m curious to see if they change anything in the last book.

      1. That spoiler was two little words, but I’m sure you can guess what they were. Glad to hear the other films will be made. From what I can remember (long time since I read it) Divergent was quite close to the book so maybe the others will be too.

  2. Brilliant review of the series. I had the exact same thoughts as you, Divergent was my favourite, Insurgent was okay for me and then I just really didn’t like Allegiant. I think I was most upset with Four’s POV and how much he changed as a character. I also hated the trust issues coming up again, they go over the same issue over and over and over, it got really boring.

    1. Yes! Exactly!

      A friend of mine read the trilogy this summer and she took forever to finish because she just really lost interest by the time she got into Allegiant. I’m sincerely hoping they change it up a bit for the movies. For once the changes they make in a movie could be for the better 🙂

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