Thursday Thoughts: Audiobooks

(Note: Okay I know this week is all sorts of random posts. I didn’t plan ahead for after I got back from the long weekend and now I’m having a hard time getting my act together. Please bear with me I’ll get back into a respectable rhythm, promise!)

Thursday Thoughts


Thursday Thoughts is hosted over at Ok, Let’s Read by Ashley. Each week Ashley presents a bookish topic for everyone to share their thoughts on. I was excited to find this meme because I can’t always come up with a discussion point every week on my own, now I don’t have to.

This week’s topic is: AUDIOBOOKS!!

I was really looking forward to this topic when I saw it because I have lots of thoughts about audiobooks! 🙂

My initial experience with audiobooks was when I was maybe 4? My nana had purchased all the Disney book/cassette combos and I spent a good bit of my time perusing those. I’m pretty confident those were one of the biggest reasons I fell in love with reading at such an early age.

Flash forward to a year after I graduated high school and I was commuting 90 minutes to two jobs. I tried to pick up an audiobook to entertain me while on the road and I remember being really irritated with the narrator. He kept clearing his throat after every couple of sentences. I eventually gave up.spn uncertain

Last year I spent a good bit of time at the library with the kid I was nannying. She loves to read and between story time and picking up new books, we were at the library A LOT! Unlike when I was watching the twins, I could take her with me to the area where they have the YA and audiobooks and I didn’t have to worry about her disturbing anyone. The twins are loud, I don’t think they’re even capable of whispering. In addition to practically living at the library, I also had a 40 minute commute every morning and evening. I made the decision to try out a Sarah Dessen audiobook because I had a few of her books already on my bookshelf but hadn’t started reading them yet.

The experience was a total touchdown. I loved the narrator, I loved the pacing, I loved the story! It was a complete win. From there I traded out a new Dessen book every week.

My favorite audiobook is Maggie Stiefvater’s The Scorpio Races. Holy cow that audiobook was awesome! The narrators really set up the book’s atmosphere, their accents were incredible and fit the story perfectly. I tried picking up the book at the library to read and I couldn’t read without hearing the narrators voices from the audio version narrating. The Scorpio Races’ audio was a phenomenal experience that I have yet been able to replicate. No other audio has even come close.

I’m not commuting at the moment so I haven’t listened to any audiobooks recently. I tried listening while doing things around the house but I found it really hard to concentrate.

To wrap things up, I like audiobooks. I have had some unfavorable experiences with poor narrators or ones that have tics that are super annoying. But overall, I’ve had more good than bad. And I have no intention of not picking up another audiobook once I’m commuting again.

What’s your opinion on audiobooks? If you haven’t given them a chance yet what’s holding you back? If you listen to audiobooks and want to recommend your favorites, please do! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Audiobooks

  1. I wish I liked audiobooks! They seem really convenient, and I love the idea of them. But I’m a visual person, so I tend to miss important information or have trouble following the story if I can’t see the text for myself.

    Love your Supernatural gif, by the way! Their expressions never fail to crack me up.

    1. I can be very visual myself and honestly if the audio has too much description or worldbuilding, i’ll lose interest. i need a good balance of dialogue and thinks actually happening 🙂

      Thanks! I keep trying to remember to use them more often. Spn has a plethora of excellent gifs that need sharing 😀

  2. Poor narrators! That was something I didn’t consider when writing my post on this topic but I once came across the most awfully narrated Pride and Prejudice. I gave up in the end because the voice was so distracting.
    You make The Scorpio Races sound very appealing though, so maybe that’s one to try 🙂

  3. I tried one audiobook but the narrators voice was so irritating that I gave up. Haven’t listened to another one since. I don’t have a long commute or times when I feel I’d really want to sit down and listen to one. I think I enjoy reading books myself too much. I might try another audiobook one day, but not any time soon.

    1. Audiobooks aren’t for everyone. I feel like they’re more of a convenience than anything else. There’s just never enough time to get to every book and audiobooks help out with that 🙂

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