Something to Muse Over: Movie Before the Book



Something to Muse Over: Movies Before Books

I got this idea while talking with a fellow blogger a couple of weeks ago and I thought I would muse more completely. Heh.

I like watching the movie before reading the book. There I said it and I can’t take it back. Not that I would want to if I could.

There are two main reasons for this.

For one, I don’t visualize while I’m reading, at least not at first. I just finished Fangirl and I was more than three-fourths of the way through before I had an inkling of what Cath looked like. When I watch the movie, the visual is right there in front of me. Even when I go back and read the book and they’ve changed the character’s looks in the movie I don’t mind. Reading Twilight way back or even Hunger Games recently, I laughed with a friend about the change in Emmett’s and Peeta’s looks/body build. But it doesn’t change the story for me when I get to the book, if anything it makes the book better. Because now I have a visual of this character who is so easy to picture doing all the things in the book.

The other reason is something I discovered while reading/watching Harry Potter. I had read the first three books before their movies came out. I had tried finishing the 4th book before it’s movie came out and ran out of time. In those movies the plot holes are really obvious because they’re trying to squeeze so much in. So after I watched the movie I went home and flew through the book. The book made sense of the movie. I liked it so much I made a conscious effort to do it again for the 5, 6 and 7^2 movies/books. I’ve done it several more times since HP and I’ve never regretted it.

One more thing, when I watch the movie first I’m never let down. If I read the book first, the movie almost always lets me down. It’s kind of funny how that works out, well it’s funny to me at least.

What are your thoughts? Have you watched the movie first then read the book ? Let me know below!

3 thoughts on “Something to Muse Over: Movie Before the Book

  1. I tend to read the book first, but I have found that when I have seen the film first I tend to enjoy both whereas if I’ve read the book first the film often disappoints me!

    1. Woo, yes! That’s exactly what I was trying and failing miserably to articulate! Thank you!

      It’s crazy how that works and I’m sure we’re not the only ones that this happens to. 🙂 😀

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