The Nanny Plays Catch-up and New Years Resolutions

Hello World!

Last post was back in September eh? So sorry about that. Genuinely. Truly.

I started that new job and before I knew it the holidays were upon me. Silly me.

With the new year comes new expectations and new responsibilities. Before you stop reading, I am not going away forever. In the same vein I will never be that person who posts regularly a minimum of five posts a week again. I wish I could promise that kind of dedication and I can’t. I am being realistic here.

I was driving home today after visiting some family that live nearly an hour away when I came to some practical solutions. Solutions that allow me time to do it all. I miss this place. I miss you guys. I want to make blogging a part of my life again. I won’t go into each revelation, for now I’ll just share what conclusions I’ve come to regarding this little blog of mine.

  1. I would like to share a post or two, possibly three, depends on the week’s demands, each week. And I’d like to post these consistently.
  2. I am also most likely changing my bog’s name, this is something I’ve wanted to do since I ended my last nanny job.
  3. And I’d like to change my blog’s theme and maybe invest in a personalized look to go with the blog overhaul. If you have someone you’d like to recommend for this undertaking I am all ears.

This week I’ll be posting my end of the year survey. So please check back later to see what books made the cut.

Anyone else have any blogging resolutions for the new year? Share below and let’s talk about how this year just flew by!


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