2015 Challenges/Bookish Resolutions

This is going to be a slim challenge year for me. Instead of committing to too many, I plan on only participating in two challenges this year.

1. The obligatory Goodreads challenge where I hope to read 35 books. I feel pretty confident I can exceed this number. The link takes you to my Goodreads’ goal page. I will also keep track of the books in a tab above on this website as I’ve done in years past.


2. TBR Jar Challenge – I might actually post a video when I choose my books for this one, we’ll have to wait and see. Katytastic is doing one on her vlog that is categories as opposed to specific books which I really like. PopSugar! is also doing one but there were too many I knew I wouldn’t get to or find a book to match up to. With the new year I’ve decided to no longer make unrealistic goals 🙂 There will be a tab above that will keep track of my posts related to this challenge each month, as well.

That’s it for me for year-long challenges this year.


I’d like to participate in more read-a-thons as those are probably one of my favorite things to do as a blogger. Bout-of-Books is coming up Monday so expect a post this weekend in regards to that one. As I participate in others throughout the year I’ll be sure to keep this blog updated.

Additionally, I’d like to attend some more bookish events. I went to a handful last year and had a great time, so i’m hoping to be able to attend some even more this year.

Finally, my sis-in-law and I have decided on our first book to read for January… well actually I decided for us. Not sure if this will become a monthly thing, but maybe. I will create a page for this on the challenge tab, too.

What do your bookish resolutions look like for 2015?


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