Stacking the Shelves

I’d like to do less memes in 2015 but this is one I just can’t do without. I always get so excited when I go to the library to return one book to find three more. And then coming back to share my finds… well it feels like how I imagine archeologists feel when they discover entire cities underground 😀 So without further explanation…


Library Haul


This is two trips to the library and does not include the audiobook which is currently in my car, I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandi Nelson.

I am more than halfway through Don’t Look Back. I really want to finish it but I think I figured out the twist ending already which totally ruined it for me.

I am nearly finished with the second disk of the audiobook. This one is phenomenal and deserves every bit of the hype it’s getting.

Next I’ll probably start Code Name Verity and finish my ebook of Big Little Lies before picking up Rebel Belle. That’s the plan anyway.

Purchased Physical Books


I haven’t started any of these yet. Though These Broken Stars and Unspoken are really tempting to start right now.

Purchased eBooks

Did anyone else see all the awesome ebooks on sale? One of the blogs I follow kept posting to Facebook and I loaded the heck up. With deals like that how could I resist? With the exception of Big Little Lies and Never Never, each one was only $1.99. I think a few of them are still on sale, too.

Did you get something this week you’re super excited about, too?


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