T5W: Top 5 Series I Want to Read in 2015

I am a book blogger but I love watching videos on booktube as much as I like reading book blogs. One of my favorites is Lainey who hosts Top 5 Wednesday, you can see her videos here. I never miss an episode of T5W. Seriously, that girl just cracks me up.

I’ve played with the idea of doing some videos and incorporating them on the blog but I’m just not there yet.

So I’m going to do something a little unconventional this week and participate in Top 5 Wednesday as this week’s topic is kind of a biggie for me this year as there are several series I want to finally start.

Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Series I Want to Read in 2015

1. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer… I know once I finally start this series I am going to love it. I picked up a copy of Cinder when it first came out and was a little unsure about the whole Cinderalla/Cyborg thing. My feelings have changed obviously and I really want to read everything that is already out before the final book comes out later this year.

2. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater … I listened to the Scorpio Races on audiobook and freaking loved it. I know this author is perfection and I just can’t believe I haven’t started this series yet.

3. The Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas… I’m not a fantasy fan, well I am but I tend to lose interest in the really descriptively written ones. I’ve read this is a good series for those folks like me or those who are fans of fantasy or those who have never read fantasy before, etc. Anyway, I wanna give it a go. I have the first book on my Kindle so I think I’ll make it happen.

….and the last two are series that are completed and of which I have wanted to get to but haven’t yet. Both series I have the first book of already so really there’s no excuses….

4. The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu… I started this and I really, really liked it. I put it down for whatever reason and I am ready to pick it back up and finish the rest of the trilogy.

5. The Shatter Me Trilogy by Tahereh Mafi… I’m positive I’ll really like these but I just never gave them much thought. 2015 will be different and I’ll do more than think about them, I plan to read and complete them! 😀

This is not an exhaustive list, however they are my top 5 that I definitely intend to get to this year.

Are there any series you plan to get to this year? Any you’ve been putting off and have decided you are no longer going to procrastinate?


2 thoughts on “T5W: Top 5 Series I Want to Read in 2015

    1. I completely forgot to add my honorable mentions like the Grisha trilogy and the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. Both of these I want to read because everyone is just so crazy about them.

      From the series I selected I think, I mean I’m pretty sure the Lunar Chronicles is going to be my first stop 🙂

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