The Importance of Nouns

This will be a tad bit rambling, but when you have a 6 week old that only takes 30-minute naps,  you work with what you get.

I was looking at what I picked up from the library this week, the Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey and I was annoyed because here I am 29 years young and the heroine of the book I’m reading is being referred to as a girl when it’s obvious she’s a kick butt heroine! So I decided to change the offensive noun and this is what I came up with:

The Heroine at Midnight..
The Lady at Midnight..
The Woman at Midnight..

And would you like to know what I discovered? Two out of three sounded like titles of adult romance novels, the third just didn’t have the right connotation. Therefore, I realized the existing noun ‘Girl’ was in fact the right one for the job.

It is a bit funny, however, how one little noun can change a title’s entire meaning. The lesson here: “think before you question a noun’s usage. ”

Pretty confident I’m the only one who needed to learn that lesson.

Okay, back to sleep. I have an hour before he wakes up for his second evening feeding and final stretch of sleep.

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