And YA Contemporary Fiction Fades to Black

I’ll be honest I have a hard time reading young adult contemporary fiction these days. During my trips to the library this month I picked up two different contemporaries. One by an author I had read and loved just last year. Something’s changed. And I know who it is.

It’s me.

The young adult contemporaries were fun, quick reads for me. Despite coming up on 30 later this year, I still feel very much like a young adult. I still refer to my friend’s parents as the adults or grown-ups (LOL!).

But now I have a little life that is dependent on me. And regardless of the fact that I do not feel 30, I no longer identify with those characters and their intricacies. Well I guess that’s not true, but I’m no longer interested in depictions of real-life. I want the fantasy, I want the unexplained, I want the magic. Maybe the real world makes me so worn out, much like movies, I want a book that will enable me to escape into a world so unlike my own.

I wonder if I’ll ever read contemporaries again or if this is a permanent shift?

Have you phased out a genre or sub-genre? If so, why?


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