Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Characters I’d Name a…

I’m trying to get back to blogging. I think about posting possibly every day. So I’m going to start slow and just post whenever I can, whatever I can.

toptentuesday (1)

Today? Top Ten Tuesday’s topic for yesterday was Ten Characters I’d Name A Child/Dog/Cat/Car/Etc.  (Just a heads up, I’m planning to mix TV and Book character names.)

  1. Isaac – from Teen Wolf, I also loved the meaning behind it “to laugh.” My husband and I both have a wicked sense of humor; I can usually always find something to laugh at. It was perfect but at the last minute my husband disagreed and we went with Nikolas.
  2. Ezra Pretty Little Liars, but I’ve seen it elsewhere and I have always liked it for a child’s name, same goes for his counterpart Aria. When I was a teen I used Aria as my pen name.
  3. Max, from Roswell – before the TV show it was a YA series from the early 2000s and boy was I obsessed! This one and Everworld and Animorphs, devoured each installment like it was yummy yummy cake!
  4. Andrew – from the Lux series, I pretty much thought Andrew and Dee were the best characters ever in that series. Fun fact: Before my mom knew I was a she, my name was going to be Andrew.
  5. Eloise, from the children’s books – We are getting a pet pig as soon as we get into a house. Most likely thanks to the talking animal movies of my youth, I like fancy, classical names for pigs.
  6. Aiden/Alex – from the Covenant series, still probably my favorite series from JLA. Aiden was perfect. Fortunately, I have two nephews with the moniker. Alexandria has been a name I have always kept in the back of my head for a special occasion.
  7. Samuel/Samantha – from Supernatural, My husband and I said for a long time if we had boys we would name them Sam and Dean and at the last second he chickened out. But we still like Sammy for the next one. I think I am more fond of Samantha rather than Samuel though.
  8. Rory – from Gilmore Girls obvs, my mom and I were super close, I identified with Rory on many occasions and I would totally name a son or daughter this.
  9. Elliot – from For Darkness Shows the Stars, loved that beautiful book and this MC, I was so bummed when I learned Across a Star Swept Sea was a companion and not a continuation. I like boy names for girls,
  10. Rosalie – from Twilight but there are others, I would name my next car this. I actually kind of love the connotation for this one, beautiful, sweet, strong.

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