Reading/Blogging Resolutions

I’m going to try this again for 2017. I really enjoy these prompt-style reading challenges and 2017 is the year I want to hold myself accountable to completing a challenge for once.

I am planning to have these lists alongside my bedside table, where I do most of my reading so  I can keep track of my progress.

When I’m in a slump and need ideas,  I think these will be excellent to have on hand. I also plan to give myself the flexibility to read anything I’m interested in and then come back to the lists to see if I can check something off. There is a wide variety of prompts this year,  I think it’s doable.

Let’s be honest, any amount I read in 2017 has to be better than the six I read in 2016!

See my tentative 2017 TBR over here.

And my highly 2017 anticipated list over here.

My Reading/Blogging Resolutions for 2017 are as follows:

  1. Complete Popsugar Reading Challenge Find my goals here.
  2. Improve Netgalley Percentage to an acceptable 80%
  3. Start A Completed Series and Finish
  4. Complete Goodreads Reading Challenge Find my goals here.
  5. Complete the TBR Jar Challenge. Find my goals here.
  6. Post more videos.
  7. Purchase my own domain and conquer this little corner of the worldwide web!
  8. Listen to the entire Harry Potter series on audiobook.
  9. Blog More… Make some more blogging friends, comment on other blogs more.



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