Muse with Me: Library Woes

Does your library do this to you, too?

Okay, so here I am happily “reserving” a handful of titles so that I can read them as they come in. I see on my account page I am in the stage for each book’s queue differently. I am 1 and 5 and 8 and 27 and 0–Those are for titles on order from the publisher usually.

I see those numbers and I think to myself, this will be great. There’s plenty of time to read one before the other should arrive…

Every single time y’all. When one book comes, the rest follow quickly behind.

At the time of this post, I have two titles waiting to be picked up..

alex2 & six-of-crows

–not to mention I just picked up these two..


–this weekend! Of course, while I was there I browsed and found these..


–I’ve got a healthy February TBR now, for sure, but I won’t get to all of these and now my queue is empty and the cycle begins again.

I love my library and I am so happy I have this resource available to me, just sometimes I get a little frustrated with how things work out.

Thank you for listening to me muse about the injustice of it all! 😛

Does your library do something that bugs you, intentionally or not–like in my case? What is it that you love about your library? For me, it’s the possibilities!


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