Muse with Me: Over-Hyped Books

This week’s Monday Musing is all about over-hyped books.

So, this is what happened. A Gentleman in Moscow came onto the scene while I was working for a publishing company over the holidays. During my vetting process of potential retailers, I came across this novel and the hype. All the hype, I should clarify. I wanted to read it, immediately! So I put it in the queue at the library, I was 126, but I was on the list. Months went by, and finally, in January my number was called.

I raced to the library to check it out. After scrambling into the car in the parking lot, I began to read THE book I couldn’t wait to get my hands on…

I kid you not. Not even ten pages in and I wasn’t hooked. The eager anticipation had worn off, I was left with an over-hyped book and I couldn’t wait to return it.

I tried to pick it up several times over the course of two weeks thinking I just wasn’t in the mood, but the book just didn’t resonate with me. After struggling through almost fifty pages in two weeks I decided it wasn’t going to happen and I returned the book.

I think I’ll keep this on my TBR and attempt this one again at a later date, but for now I sit and stew and begrudge the hype-that-kills my eagerness to read a book.

Did the hype kill your will to read a book? Which book? Share with me and we can bemoan the injustice together!


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