Muse With Me: Blind Reading

This week I want to muse over what I have started to call blind reading. It’s all about going into a book knowing as little as possible.

I’ve been doing this a good bit recently to the tune of some excellent results.

I don’t know how I missed reviews for the above, but I did. I mean I heard basic overviews about Passenger, but I managed to avoid direct reviews and their book summaries! In direct correlation, I believe this is what attributed to me happily reading these books, absolutely loving them and finally recovering from my reading slump!

So here’s the thing. I recently figured out the more I hear about a book, the less interest I have. I think it probably has to do with the idea that if someone is telling me all about a book what’s left for me to discover?

While I love book blogging and watching book tube and seeing/reading people’s hauls and TBRs and Top Ten Tuesday, I’ve decided to make a more conscious effort to avoid direct reviews of books I’m interested in.

Before I really immersed myself into the blogging community, I was an avid reader and while there are certainly most positive repercussions of joining up in this community. One of the negatives I have found, possibly the only one, is that people’s opinions, folks who read and like the same books, have caused me to turn away from a book I would have previously read without consideration if so-and-so liked it.

I am in no way blaming them, it’s me and the dependence I have placed on reviews in my life. I don’t make any decisions anymore without reading reviews first. So I’m making a conscious effort to be more aware of things. That’s it.

Blind reading has really helped me rediscover my love of books and I recommend others give it a go just once, who knows maybe they’ll be surprised by what they find just like I did.

Have you had a similar experience? Do you agree? Disagree?


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